Friday, July 31, 2009

Oh - The Agony!

"Hey, Carl - How come you got this blog anyway? Why is the name of the blog Get off my Lawn? And what's with that URL - musta worked for hours on that one huh?
Don't ask.

Guess I just stumbled in here as I was goofing off instead of working on stock trading scenarios. Maybe I'll just take Dana's advice and buy some more Lotto tickets.

Anyway, the agony was from trying to think up a cool URL that I wouldn't forget. Couldn't do it - hence the good ol' runtogethername URL.

I suppose this will just sit here and take up a smigin of web space for eternity.
See that picture over on the side?

Yup, that's me. Got that hat at the Pendleton Roundup years and years ago. I'm holding a couple of black powder revolvers so Dana could snap off a picture from her phone camera.

Speaking of Dana, here she is with a couple of her little friends - Blackie and Red (you figure it out).

By now I guess you can tell we are supporters of the Constitution of the United States. Maybe if I get a chance I'll be able to share some of my views on that topic.

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