Friday, September 11, 2009

Another 9-11 Attack? Yes - No - Maybe?

There is a choice missing: Yes Positively

I've always spent a little time watching the tube on September 11.

As most of you can recall; in the days following the attack on Freedom by the Saudi-Arabians there was a lot of coverage by the main-stream media. All of a sudden, however, the coverage nearly dried up. How often have you seen other than a fleeting or sanitized image of the murderous jihad after October 11, 2001?

Personally, I recall that the most striking bit of video of that terrible day was from the vantage point of a city park looking toward the twin towers. The park was lush and green. The sky was blue and clear. People were relaxing, playing games, and enjoying the American Dream on a sunny September morning. From behind and directly above the camera, the airliner came into view. The plane pierced the tower and disappeared inside as a ball of flame erupted. The hopes and lives and dreams of thousands of innocent Americans were simultaneously snuffed out. I wonder how many of our own innocent countrymen on that plane heard the murderers screaming "Allah Akbar" in the seconds before their execution?

There are dozens and dozens of other images I have not seen since the first few days after the 9-11 attack. What happened to those videos? Why is it that what we are shown by the main stream media are long distance shots, absent gore and blood and pain? Where are the faces lined with teardrops? Where are the angry voices demanding that swift and terrible justice be brought down upon the enemy?

I'll tell you where they are.

They have been suppressed and destroyed by the mainstream media – a branch of the vast LEFT wing conspiracy. There you go - take a look at that phrase – "vast LEFT wing conspiracy". How often have you ever seen this in print?

How often have you heard this uttered by the likes of Katie Couric, or Matt Lauer, or Oprah Winfrey, or David Letterman? NEVER.

The anniversary of the 9-11 is being homogenized and mutated into a day of service by vast LEFT wing conspiracy. President Obama made certain to avoid the ugly scar in the ground where the World Trade Center once stood. The very place where America suffered the most brutal and unprovoked attack in history. The very place where thousands of hard-working Americans perished at the hands of bloodthirsty state-sponsored terrorists. A year ago, while Obama was acting as a presidential candidate he visited Ground Zero amid a veritable hoard of TV reporters. Now there is no longer a need for him to maintain his false-front of honor for the brave Americans that perished at the hands of his comrades.

Instead, Obama and his minions bestowed their favors upon ACORN sponsored free housing in Washington DC. The Habitat for Humanity project will house unemployed freeloaders suckling on the government tit. Ironically, those that freely offer their time and effort to build these houses are hard working (albeit deluded) Americans whose own taxes pay to support the leeches soon to be luxuriating in a new home.

Well covered by the media, it is images of Barack and Michelle Obama smearing whitewash on the walls of newly constructed Marxist barracks that we are forced to view as opposed of images of the continuing violent overthrow of America.

I think I'm gonna puke (again).

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