Sunday, November 8, 2009

Line up for your yellow star

Last evening Dana and I watched the House of Representatives floor debate of Obamacare.

You all know the eventual outcome. It was not a surprise, but a huge disappointment.

The disappointment came to me in two different forms.

First, is the way that the opposing camps conducted themselves in the debate. The opponents of Obamacare frequently addressed the dimming of Liberty and Freedom that is being rapidly accelerated by this Bill. The proponents, understandably denied this, however, their disdain for the very words “Liberty” and “Freedom” was unmistakable. The tone, demeanor, and words of the Democrats speaking in support of Obamacare showed clearly, and without any doubt, that they consider Freedom and Liberty to be dead concepts that the opposition clung to only in desperation. Leaders of the Democrats such as Hoyer, McDermott, Waxman, Dingle, Rangle, et al, clearly despise freedom and liberty. They are enemies of Freedom and Liberty in the purest sense.

Secondly, was the unmistakable demonstration of lies and deception. Tuning into the debate last night without pre-conceived notions, or no understanding whatsoever of the personalities involved, would be flabbergasting. Speakers alternated back and forth; for – against – for – against. Without exception, clear and concise statements were clearly and concisely denied - over and over again. It was impossible to tell which camp was lying and which camp was truthful. There was, however, absolutely no question that only one side was speaking the truth.

It would have been impossible for an unbiased observer to discern the truth – until the leader of the opposition spoke his piece near the end.

John Boehner used the one weapon that could not be countered by supporters of Obamacare. He read from the bill itself. Boehner quoted from the bill’s 2000 plus pages, reading horror after horror. He quoted chapter and verse, section and page - in clear language, right from the bill.

When he closed, there was not a word if dissent from the socialists. They could not dissent. He was reading directly from the very document that in only a few minutes was to be rammed down our collective throats by Obama’s Gestapo.

I did puke.

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