Thursday, November 5, 2009

Obama Cutting Industry's Throat with Climate Bill

The Democratic controlled House is on the verge of voting on the climate bill without the GOP.

The Climate bill and Cap and Trade (Cap and Tax) are the two main tools being wielded by the Al Gore global warming psychos to destroy the American economy.

The Climate bill mandates grossly restrictive limits on the amount of so called "greenhouse gas" that American industry and agriculture will be allowed to discharge as a result of day-to-day business.

These limits are far greater than those of European countries that are pressuring the US to handcuff and fetter its own industrial and agricultural production.

Why are the Europeans (with dingle barry obama's support) putting the squeeze on the USA? It is obvious; the more restraints and the more hurdles and the higher the taxes on American producrtivity, the easier it will be for the Europeans to grab a bigger slice of the pie.

I can just see it now: The USA will self-impose these insane limits, and will force industry to abide by them. Other countries will adopt less restrictive limits, and then they will ignore them.

I'll give 10-to-1 odds on this prediction. Any takers out there?

And what about the factories belching smoke and fumes in Asia? Remember the Olympics? Most industry was shutdown during the Olympics in Beijing just to get the smog level down to a point less deadly than the San Quentin gas chamber. As soon as the gaijin (foreigners) left, the clouds of noxious fumes were back. The amount of "greenhouse gas" produced in Asia dwarfs that generated in the USA.

Asians are clever enough to not sign onto the Climate bill at all! Their factories are running full steam, while ours are being throttled back by Dingle Barry

As usual Obama is selling US down the river.

Her is a bit more information:

Take a look at the video of Dingle Barry sitting with the Euorpean leaders that have a death grip on his tiny little gonads. He is eager to sign the US up to higher taxes, lower productivity, and an increasing reliance upon the slimy countries across the Atlantic and Pacific. These are the same countries that America has saved from destruction more than once.

What have these socialist cowards done for US lately (ever)?

The Nazis did not die with Hitler . . . they are alive and well in Paris, Copenhaggen, Helsinki, Berlin, Tokyo, etc. etc. etc. - ad infinitum.

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