Friday, November 6, 2009

Obama Health Care Financing Explained

A contributor on another forum
offered the following explanation of the Obama-Pelosi-Reid health care dilemma:

My son, Matthew (age 11) often have little discussions about various situations in the US. We were talking about the healthcare issue, and I explained that taxes will pay for healthcare, but not everyone pays taxes AND what can be collected in taxes can not begin to pay the enormous expense.

To illustrate, I said, "It's would be like me telling you that I'll take your whole class of 30 kids out to lunch, but I only have 40 dollars. What do you think each student could have for lunch?"

He thought for a moment, figured that each student gets a little over a dollar, and says, "Each one gets a coke, but nothing to eat."

There you go! Rationed healthcare

Indeed, a very good explanation.

There is, however, a very serious flaw.

This is the explanation of a 11-year old child. It will not be understandable
by the average Liberal.

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