Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Tea Party in Spokane

Dana and I went into town to day to participate in the Tea Party at the Spokane Convention Center.

Two big Tea Party Express tour buses arrived to greet a huge crowd of VRWC sympathizers.

This was the first Tea Party for both of us. It was a very inspiring experience to say the least.

I figure there were about a thousand red-blooded American Patriots in attendance.

Frankly, I was seething mad that the state of the union has reached such a perilous stage that good hard working Americans feel compelled to band together like this. This sort of thing has not happened since the dark days before the revolutionary war. Patrick Henry's "Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death" speech was delivered in similar circumstances.

When one speaker emphasized that the Tea party Express is not sponsored or supported by any political party - be it Democrat or Republican. He said: "We are Americans and we are Conservatives. We are not Democrats and not republicans. And we sure as hell aren't Liberals!" The crowd roared and came to its feet.

Corrupt politicians that have no one's interest at heart but their own are selling this country down the river.

Yes, it is good to have a vehicle for the "common folk" to express their views.

The sad - very sad and disappointing - thing I noticed was the complete absence of current elected officials or even a presence from the so-called Republican party.

The local news was there. News cameras almost always attract politicians. Not so in this case.

I've sent notes to our Senators and Representatives asking why they did not deem this event to be worthy of their presence. These folks that have permanent offices in the city, only blocks away from the Rally location, did not even send a single staff member to see what was going on.

I fear that our elected representatives are so concerned with straddling the fence that any real passionate response is out of the question.

There was a lone left-wing protester that stood in front of the stage in a Nazi-salute for about 10-minutes. He was convinced to leave quietly. I was surprised that he wasn't tossed into the drink!

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