Saturday, December 5, 2009

Obama's Fog of War

This column expresses exactly what I have been ranting about for a long time.

"I have come to the conclusion that the real reason this gifted communicator (Obama) has become so bad at communicating is that he doesn't really believe a word that he is saying."

In my opinion the befuddled communications are as much an artifact of not understanding as not believing.

For example, take my Boss (please!) - a perfect display of the Peter Principle. Advanced far beyond actual capabilities, yet far below perceived greatness.

This mental midget insists on personally presenting technical reports to the client.

An Obama-esque ego prevents the experts from doing the talking. After all - the Boss is the Boss! Even after multiple sessions to get up to speed on the technical specs and sequence of events, grasp of the details are invariably feeble.

Each and every time, poorly chosen words flow and Power-Point slides blur into an incoherent haze. The Client invariably glazes over until the barrage of nonsense slows to a dull roar. They look about the room begging for an explanation. Recently, they have been calling or stopping by my office to get the story before the presentations so these painful meetings might be cut short.

Too bad the American public doesn't have that same opportunity.

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