Friday, January 8, 2010

Fighters Scrambling to "Escort" Airliners

Today we heard about two domestic flights that had to change their plans because of some "unruly" passengers. This CNN story - - tells how US military fighter jets were scrambled and escorted the airliner to the airport.

Have any of you folks stopped to consider what it is that these jet fighters were there for?

A jet fighter escort can't help the pilots.
They can't neutralize the terrorist and save the day.
They cannot steer the plane in a different direction.
There is only one thing they can do besides watching.

The only thing they can do is shoot down the plane, killing the terrorist and everyone on board. This is the sacrifice that will be made if a hijacker decides to try to take out another target on the ground.

Now - doesn't that just make it feel a whole lot safer to be flying these days?

I don't know about you, bu the minor inconveneince of a body scan, a pat down, or a search of my luuggage doesn't seem so bad. Those TSA fellows sure as hell better be profiling full-bore. Muhammed the rag-head sure as hell better be strip searched first.

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