Friday, February 12, 2010

Obama Supports new Nuke Power (BULLSHIT)

During his campaign for the Oval Office President Obama hinted that he would support nuclear power.

Just today, he actually said he does approve and will provide financial assistance to build a new nuke power plant. Here is a link to a story on Yahoo News from the Associated Press:

This is more BS lip service from BO.

As you read the article note the little bit of info on the Yucca Mountain repository. The mission of this gigundus US Government project is a repository for high level nuclear waste. This is the solution to the very problem that Obama says is one of his only reservations about moving forward with nuclear power.

Well, as it turns out, one of the very first things the Obama administration did was to cut the funding for this nearly completed project virtually guaranteeing that the "problem" of long-term safe storage of nuclear waste will be put on hold for another couple of decades.

Oh - by the way - the most ardent enemy of the Yucca Mountain project is our very own Harry Reid - one of the most hated people in the State of Nevada.

I'll give anyone that wants to donate to my retirement 50-1 odds against Harry's re-election as the Senator from the Silver State.

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