Friday, February 12, 2010

What is really important is that we appear to be heeding the wishes of the American public.

What is really important is that we appear to be heeding the wishes of the American public. I just wish we could figure out just what it is they want before we screw things up again."

Yesterday night it was announced that the trial of KalhidSheik Mohammed would not take place in Manhattan. The specific locale of the "trial" was not announced as of earlySaturday AM; however, various sources have said that it would probably not takeplace in a public civilian courtroom.

I'm certain Holder, Napalitano, and the Obama boys are trying to figure outwhat place would fit the bill.

* It should be a very secure place.
* It should be designed and constructed just for this very purpose.
* It should be fully equipped with courtroom facilities, holding facilities, global communications, barracks, etc. – A military base would be ideal.
* It should be close to where the terrorist "suspects" are currently located
* There should be no threat to American Citizens should something go awry.
* There should be a secure and controlled airstrip capable of supporting both civilian airliners and military aircraft of all types.
* There should be a secure and controlled harbor and portfacilities.

Hmmm - seems to me that the military base and prison at Guantanamo Bay fulfills each and every one of the prerequisites. EVERYTHING is there. Fully functioning and ready to go NOW.

Now - let's have a show of hands - How many of you think that Holder,Napalitano, and Obama will be able to figure this puzzle out in timebefore the next election of a GOP to a seat formerly held by a Democrat?

Like I've said before - I hold out very little hope that the USA will be able to survive this crap.

The will, the intellect, and the integrity of the bulk of American citizens are not up to the task at hand. Scumbag sociopaths such as those that have been chosen to direct our course have the upper hand.

We are already circling the drain on a steady and inexorable path directly to the sewer.

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