Monday, April 5, 2010

Is that Kool-Aid in your teacup?

So, suppose you are at a gathering of like-minded people and the person next to you offers a cup of tea.

Do you accept it?

Is it safe to drink?

Look carefully at that teacup, my friend, and be certain it does not contain something a bit more sinister.

Obama Kool-Aid, perhaps.

"How" - you may ask – "could Obama Kool-Aid possibly be present at a Tea Party"?

Anyone that believes that the only people involved in the Tea Party are red-blooded American Patriots has got another think coming. I am willing to bet everything I have, and everything I'll ever have, that the opposition has an effective presence inside of the Tea Party. The same presence that was undoubtedly instrumental in every other "third party" groundswell that resulted in a splintering of votes from one of the big-two political parties.

Third parties can produce dramatic results. Their candidates can be "spoilers" -- in a close presidential election, they can take away enough votes from a major-party candidate that he loses a state's popular vote and, hence, its electoral votes and the presidency. This has happened several times in U.S. history. In 1912, former president Teddy Roosevelt's third-party candidacy took more than 27 percent and split the Republican vote, allowing Democrat Woodrow Wilson to win the presidency. In more recent times, George Wallace in 1968 and Ross Perot in 1992 took significant percentages of voters from both major parties in the general election. Many people believe that the 2000 Nader campaign took enough votes (2.8 million) away from Democratic candidate Al Gore that it caused Gore to lose the Electoral College election to George W. Bush.

You can bet your bottom dollar that the Democrats are scrambling to whip the gullible into a rabid frenzy, so crazed, and so blinded, that they will forsake the GOP completely and run their own dark-horses on a third party ticket. Divide and conquer - this is the Socialist's formula for success.

There is one thing in the Tea-Party's favor. There is no Tea Party "Party" – at least not yet. The main-stream media is constantly trying to make this an issue by declaring that there is no formal organization, and no recognized leader of the Tea-Party regulars. Over and over again we hear this tune stridently trumpeted as a short-coming. Far from being a short-coming this individualist character is the very essence of the Tea Party movement, and the very thing that makes it difficult for the Liberal-Socialist infiltrators to fracture and split Conservative voters.

As long as Tea Party Patriots resist the urge to throw the baby out with the bath water by running third-party candidates in the general election, things should be OK.

Incumbents with even a whit of political awareness must be reminded of the fact that the Tea Party - We, the People - are Constitutionalists. We believe in the Freedoms guaranteed us by the Bill of Rights - ALL of them. We are not mindless supporters of Donkeys or Elephants.

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