Friday, June 18, 2010

KKK? NRA? All Sounds The Same To Kagan

Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan's confirmation is under threat after
notes in which she lumped the KKK and the NRA together under the umbrella
of 'bad guy' organizations
came to light last week. The notes were written
when she worked in White House Counsel's office during the Clinton
administration and, according to Conservative representatives, indicate a
worrying inability to act impartially.

The notes were first reported by the National News, who asked, "Is Kagan
so hostile to gun rights that she would compare the top gun-rights
organization in the United States with a viciously racist hate group?"

When interviewed by CNN, a representative for the NRA seemed baffled by
the contents of the notes. "How can the NRA respond to something that
bizarre and outrageous? This is precisely the kind of stuff that needs to
be aired out in the confirmation hearings, a complete airing out of where
she stands on our issues,” said the NRA's Director of Public Affairs,
Andrew Arulanandam.

Elena Kagan has no judicial experience, having spent the bulk of her
career as a “political advisor, policy advocate and academic,” as Senate
Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Kentucky, pointed out in a speech on
Friday in which he raised concerns that Kagan may simply be a rubber stamp
for administrations looking for compliance from the Supreme Court.

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