Saturday, July 3, 2010

Congress Passes Highly Anticipated IQ Compensation Bill

The Associalized Press - November 34th, 2011

After a lengthy battle with a handful of stubborn conservative representatives whom staunchly opposed the bill, President Obama's highly anticipated IQ Compensation Bill was finally passed into law this morning.

The IQ Compensation Bill, unfairly targeted as just another tax bill by conservatives, is the final goal in this year's sweeping series of initiatives set forth by the president.

Following the passage of WEAK, the Work-Extension-Acknowledgement Bill, which mandates a 6-day work week to pay for Obamacare and Cap-and-Tax, the IQ Compensation Bill is expected to support most of the President's new social welfare programs planned for next year.

The Bill, raises the much needed revenue through the application of the IQ contribution addendum to the tax code. President Obama's plan mandates nation-wide IQ tests to determine individual IQ.

In their fight against this highly popular bill, conservatives have argued that the IQ contribution addendum unfairly punishes those with IQ scores above 85 (the median score of Obama supporters).

Contribution is based upon the square of an individual's IQ test score above the baseline, coupled with political party affiliation. The vast majority of urbanites are profoundly inspired by the new bill and will soon receive their monthly IQ compensation checks.

The IQ management team has already indicated that current welfare recipients, and undocumented aliens will be the first to receive their checks.

Early next year, President Obama is also expected to announce his new "Money Tree" plan for his global "Spread The Bling" initiative.

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