Saturday, October 30, 2010

The Vast Right Wing Conspiracy - Yahoo group

Following, for your consideration, is the banner statement of the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy at Yahoo Groups (

This is a forum for the free exchange of ideas, an information source, and a rallying point for free-thinking American Patriots.

All Citizens of the United States are welcome here.

Who are The Vast Right Wing Conspiracy?

We are Constitutionalists.

We believe in the Freedoms guaranteed us by the Bill of Rights - ALL of them.

We remember the Boston Tea Party.

We enjoy commentary, analysis, and opinion, from Beck, Limbaugh, and O'Reilly.

We believe the Obama administration is undermining the very foundations of our republic.

Members of Congress are not representing us - We, The People, that hired them. The voice of the people is not being heard. Taxation without representation must not continue.

The words of the Federal Convention of 1787 are clear and concise. The Constitution of the United States need not be interpreted, it need only be read. It is written in common language, by common men of uncommon wisdom and intelligence. The Bill of Rights is our Ten Commandments. The Constitution and it's Bill of Rights protect We, The People from tyrants and government run amok.

The enemies of our country were neither vanquished in World War II, nor in the Cold War, but have been laying in wait - working diligently behind the scenes - laying the ground work that has allowed the socialists to come to power, seemingly over night. Obama and his minions are merely dim-witted tools of a very clever enemy. This sinister adversary has been gaining power and influence over our dull, inattentive and lazy countrymen for many years.

We, and our fellow Americans, have a duty to awaken the sleeping giant that defeated the Socialists, Fascists, and Communists of the last century. Our government is running amok and must be reigned-in. The tyrants must be expelled. Elitist politicians must be humbled and replaced with common people having the love of Freedom and Liberty in their hearts.

We're mad as hell, and we're not going to take it any more!

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