Saturday, January 29, 2011

Out of the concentration camp and into the Gulag

If you, or anyone else, finally decides to leave Kalifornia and defect to the USA, be careful where you choose to relocate.

Washington state has been subjected to a steady stream of liberal insurgents from California for decades.  The Seattle area is essentially a northern suburb of San Fran Angeles.  We, in the Eastern part of the state, have been fighting a gruesome battle against the Libtards on the West side of the Cascade Mountains for years.  From time to time there has been serious thought given to seceding  and forming the 51st state.

Over the latter half of the 20th century (and reportedly as far back as 1889), the counties of Eastern Washington have occasionally raised the possibility of splitting largely conservative and rural Eastern Washington (and sometimes the Idaho Panhandle) away from urban and liberal Western Washington . As recently as 2005, this has been officially proposed in the state legislature, amid the fallout of the 2004 governor's election. Suggested names for such a state include East Washington, Columbia, and Lincoln.

When Barack Obama left the Senate Chamber for the White House, our very own Senator Patty Murray was knighted a the most liberal Senator in D.C.  According to the LA Times on 2-27-2009 : 
"Well, the always-controversial and brand-new ideological rankings are out this morning from the National Journal, and Barack Obama is no longer the most liberal member of the United States Senate.
That distinction falls to a Western Democrat, Patty Murray of Washington. She holds that distinction all by her lonesome with a 92.7 composite liberal score (meaning she voted more liberally on the Journal's key votes than 92.7% of her colleagues)."

On the bright side, Cathy McMorris Rodgers, my Representative in the House, is one of the key Conservatives of the House leadership. She is often seen at John Boehner's side on the tube.

So - if you are able to get out of that rat-hole, be sure you don't jump out of the concentration camp and into the Gulag.

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