Monday, December 5, 2011

Maxwell's Demon

This excerpt still cracks me up - even after 15 years!

To every question, curse or threat, he would respond with: "Tenk‑yoo. Tenk‑yoo veddy veddy much!" Max couldn't begin to comprehend why the crazed swami had a turban twisted around his sweaty forehead in the 112 degree heat.

Giving up on the corndog, Max grabbed another six pack from the cooler and paid with exact change.

"Oh sir, that is most gracious, tenk-yoo. I am hoping that your little doggie is found." The gracious guru was bobbing up and down with his palms pressed together. He was grinning psychotically through a full set of grey teeth outlined in gold.

Max beat a hasty retreat.

The trusty Falcon waited in the parking lot. It began to hiss at him as soon as he approached. Maxwell's Demon eBook: Carl Strode: Kindle Store


  1. From one chapter to the next there is no way to tell what will happen next. The predictable predictability of most novels today is completely absent in this tale. The writing style wastes no words and wastes no time in rustling up a laugh in response to what really could be reality. The humor of Maxwell's Demon is an excellent seasoning for a stew with a generous helping of gristle - it'll keep you chewing.

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