Sunday, May 6, 2012

NYT-wits and Windmills

The New York Times argues that subsidies make Birdshredders competitive with natural gas. Ignoring for a moment the cognitive dissonance required to even say that, The Times says the tax credit they highlight amounts to 2.2 cents/kilowatt hour. I call…

The subsidies heaped on “renewables” by this administration dwarf any given to EvilBigOil/Coal® or the nuclear industry. The “jobs created” by this idiocy is the policy equivalent of the Cool Hand Luke torture of digging a hole so it can be filled back in. Sure there are jobs in maintaining these 400-foot carbon crucifixes because they don’t work and break down constantly.
This paean to the pResident’s genius comes on the same day Warren Buffett, sitting on $44 billion, said his wind and solar projects wouldn’t be built without tax payer cash.
Thankfully, the next time you hear any of the broken-window tripe, you can refer to this, a summary of all the subsidies heaped on failed technology in the name of saving the planet.
• Total federal subsidies in fiscal year 2007 were $24.34 per megawatt hour for solar-generated electricity and $23.37 per megawatt hour for wind, compared with $1.59 for nuclear, $0.67 for hydroelectric power, $0.44 for conventional coal, and $0.25 for natural gas and petroleum liquids. (Emphasis mine.)
I recommend keeping this Mater Resource piece handy for reference.


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