Tuesday, July 24, 2012

How Dumb Does Obama Think Americans Are?

Nope - That is not the right question.  Obama knows damn well just how dumb the American electorate is.  He knows full well that stories like this will not even get a mention by the main stream media nightly news.

The question is: How did it take so long for charlatans like Barack Obama to seize power and drive the final stake through Thomas Jefferson's Constitution?

Roman Citizens were blind to the perils of  Bread and Circuses 2000 years ago.  Just as today, the Senators and Emperors are living high on the hog while the rest of us  are  - amused and distracted by sleight of hand and spectacle.

I think I'm gonna puke.

SAN FRANCISCO - At an exclusive re-election fundraiser tonight, President Obama hobnobbed with 60 of his wealthiest supporters, including two figures at the center of the Solyndra loan controversy.

Steve Westly, a Silicon Valley venture capitalist, was one of the first to raise red flags about the administration's support for a $500 million loan to Solyndra, the solar energy start-up that later went bankrupt. He wrote directly to senior Obama adviser Valerie Jarrett in 2010 to raise concerns about the company's viability ahead of the president's high-profile visit that year.

Matt Rogers, a former senior adviser at the Department of Energy, played a key role in approving Solyndra's loan as part of the stimulus plan.

Both men were spotted by White House print pool reporter Darren Samuelsohn of Politico at the Piedmont, Calif., home of Quinn Delaney and Wayne Jordan, who were hosting the $35,800-a-head event.

Samuelsohn noted that Westly was seen near the pool "juggling lemons, entertaining kids at the party."

Republicans have seized on Obama's ties to Westly and Rogers - and the Solyndra loan - as part of their case that the president engages in "crony capitalism."

"The Obama Administration betrayed American taxpayers when it dumped hundreds of millions of public dollars into Solyndra while ignoring clear warnings about the company's dire financial situation," Romney campaign spokesman Ryan Williams said in a statement.

"President Obama's first term worked out well for his donors who got special access and taxpayer money for their failed ventures," Williams said. "It hasn't worked as well for the 23 million Americans struggling for work in the worst economic recovery our country has ever had."

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