Monday, September 24, 2012

No - Spin Polls? Romney vs. Obama

If you haven’t checked it out, please visit Okay, so this website factors out the deliberate skewing that the Left is inserting in all the current national polls to give Barack Obama a lead over Mitt Romney when in reality Obama is trailing Romney and losing the election.

The corrupt, vintage media is running this propaganda for three reasons:

• Showing Obama in the lead causes a “bandwagon effect” where low-information voters think to themselves “Obama’s winning, and I like betting on winners, so I’ll vote for him too, I guess since the tee-vee told me I needed to”
• Eeyores in conservative ranks are a skittish, worrisome lot by nature and will seize on any poll with Obama in the lead to collapse onto the ground in tears, screaming “We’re DOOOOOOMED!” because they are gluttons for attention
• The Legion of Gloom (that band of Fifth Column writers at conservative sites and in the media) just loves running these polls with headlines like “Can Romney Still Win?” because Eeyores eat that garbage up like it’s McRib sandwiches, three for $5, and this succeeds in Eeyore-breeding (the process of creating new Eeyores by running nonstop poll-driven headlines that “Romney is losing! Doom is coming!”).

...Do you ever see headlines like this on TV or any of the Left’s sites?

Can Obama still win? Considering he is polling far less than 50% in accurate samples that reflect current voter affiliation in this country, this is the question everyone should be asking right now… is there any way in Hell for Obama to win this, even with massive voter fraud? I think the answer to that is no. Too bad the jackasses on conservative sites fail to ask this question and instead love running “Can Romney still win?” instead.

Will Obama Overcome? No, he won’t. Even here in Illinois, Obama’s ground game is week, he’s not paying out street money to thugs because he doesn’t have the funds available, and Democrats find nothing inspiring or motivational about his campaign...

Does Obama Need A Shakeup? Yes, but it’s too late for that. Do you know that Obama staffers are sending out resumes for their next jobs, post-White House? David Axelrod long ago moved on to other things here in Chicago. He is minimally focused on Obama’s re-election campaign because he knows Obama won’t win... Axelrod left Obama after the 2010 midterms. He did not think he had until 2014 in the White House. THIS SHOULD TELL YOU SOMETHING.

Is Obama Losing? Hell to the Yes. His campaign sends out 5 or 6 emails a day begging for money. Not “asking”. BEGGING. I’ve never seen anything so desperate. I am surprised he has not dragged Sally Struthers out of her house of clutter and junk (she was recently outed as a major hoarder) to make commercials for him begging for money like those old “Feed the Children” spots in the 80s where she’d lay down guilt like it was molasses. Michelle Obama sent emails out asking people to skip their family’s dinners and donate the money to the campaign. Obama asked people to sell their things at yard sales or on Craigslist and give him the money. Sometimes the emails I get from Joe Biden asking me to have dinner with him seem so creepy I want to report him as a romantic stalker. It’s all SO STRANGE and so desperate.

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  1. Sometimes the talking heads will mention the source of this "skewing" Listen closely, the bias occurs when the pollsters ask a question of 40 registered Republicans and 60 registered democrats - obviously in a case like this the poll will be off the mark by a huge amount. Add to that the difference between registered voters and likely voters, or young vs. middle aged, vs. senior voters.

    What about race? 95% of voting Blacks pulled the lever for Obama last time. Essentially every opinion asked of a Black tilts the outcome 10-times more than that of a White.

    The polls are accurate only if all of these factors are disclosed and accounted for.

    That ain't gonna happen.