Sunday, December 30, 2012

Guns in School? Its a No Brainer

When airliners were being hijacked we placed ARMED Federal marshals on each aircraft. When banks were being robbed we placed ARMED guards in virtually every bank in the country. When aircraft were used as weapons on 9-11 we hired thousands of TSA agents to scrutinize every passenger and we hardened the cockpits and ARMED the pilots. When politicians were threatened or attacked we placed ARMED guards around virtually every one of them, even those whose public stance is anti gun! When celebrities were being threatened they hired ARMED men to protect them. Many retail business and malls have ARMED guards present, especially jewelry stores and other businesses that sell high value items. There are ARMED guards at amusement parks! Our CHILDREN see this every day!

As a nation, we have never hesitated to place ARMED guards around any item or person of "high value." Yet, when it comes to our MOST VALUABLE asset, our children, there is a bias against protecting them with ARMS. Many would rather keep our kids in "gun free zones" so shooters and deranged people KNOW it is safe to attack them. We must harden the softest targets in America, our CHILDREN. The left worries about the "trauma" of kids seeing armed guards at their school. What about the trauma of being killed? Kids see guns at the bank, at the mall, around the politicians, and even at the grocery store. Kids naturally see the armed guard, police officer, or soldier as a "protector" and not a threat, and definitely not a source of emotional trauma.

We should not miss the message that freedom loving Americans, the NRA and millions of like minded Americans who see the value of utilizing Veterans, retired police and firefighters, and other available volunteers, to DONATE time to stand guard at a local school for FREE. Each state can set up standards to keep the slate of volunteers the best it can be. Each school district can opt in or out. This is a very inexpensive way to IMMEDIATELY solve the problem. We do not need to further dilute the 2nd Amendment, and we do not need any more laws that criminals and disturbed people ignore anyways.

I will give one day a week at a local school and I ask anyone reading this to also volunteer to guard our MOST PRECIOUS national resource. Please SHARE and pass this on if you agree. Let your congressman or senator know how YOU feel!

It is WRONG to restrict 300 million law abiding gun owners over the actions of one insane individual.

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