Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Overthrow the Tyrannical Government and Surely Lose Our Freedoms

Khrushchev said that the sure destruction of America would happen from within and that they will take down the country without firing a shot. Stalin himself pointed out that violent revolution often preceded the establishment of a socialist order, which in turn, would become communism. Given these two notions, one is safe in concluding that any current revolution within America will not involve foreign powers, but will come about by a form of an internal, social breakdown. This, one may reason, is also by design. In regards to starting a revolution, my argument (and plea) is for cooler heads to prevail . . .

Many people out there are clutching their guns and talking about starting a revolution. So it is of no surprise to me that the public is being intentionally agitated in order to instigate some sort of armed conflict between the American people and their government. If the American populace fires the first shot, this will not be a good sign. People forget that we never started a war with the British, it was the British that caused that to happen by attempting to disarm the Colonists. The king, in every sence, threw the first punch.

We, as a country and individuals, are in a dangerous situation here; fortunately, the Constitution provided for a way to deal with this issue. However, I have doubts that Americans will properly choose this path. Even now, hotheaded individuals are calling for revolution in order to keep our private property rights and liberties. As was pointed out by a police lieutenant from North Carolina, ‘liberty broadcasters’ (against their knowledge) will be used to fan the flames (in order to start an internal revolution) [Call to Decision, GCN, Jan 2, 2013]. Once the first shots are fired, this in turn will allow for the implementation of martial law.

If you need an example of this issue from a military standpoint, consider that my college and my state fired the first shots of the Civil War. We did not win that war. Keep this in mind as you read the rest of this document, please;

Instigators of revolution are all over the place right now, just as the executive office provokes the Republic by openly threatening to ban certain types of firearms. The media is quick to take only one side of the debate, making Americans (purposely) feel like they have no voice. This is all being done to cause agitation. The Governor of New York state, too, is threatening confiscation. Again, Americans are becoming upset at the government and the media for twisting the truth and threatening liberty (as they should be, but not for the reasons that they may think ).

These events are all too convenient …

Tonight, I got to hear Piers Morgan ‘debate’ Alex Jones about gun rights in America. In short, it was a debacle. Jones screamed that it was going to be ’1776 Again!’ if any sort of confiscation took place. Jones, in many respects, is a provocateur at best. One couldn’t be faulted for believing that he played right into Piers Morgan’s hands. However, those of us with a longer memory of Alex Jones’s stunts can recall how he nearly caused a state of martial law around the year 2000.

I’m sometimes reminded over the years that Jones almost successfully provoked a nation-wide social catastrophe – on December 31rst, 1999 right before Y2K – by falsely claiming that the Russians would be invading. Giving this, I personally witnessed folks ‘heading for the hills’, due to his broadcast. Had violence or hysteria broken out at that point, I’m certain the powers that be would have suspended the Constitutional Republic and instigated martial law. Even in those days, I and several others like Mr. Bill Cooper, questioned why Jones would do such a thing.

Jones has never done much for the liberty movement, I know it doesn’t seem like it when you look at his body of work, but it is true. By calling for a revolution on national television, he set the stage, again, for catastrophe.

Restoration, not revolution;

A restoration is a Constitutionally directed process that allows the loyal elements and state militias to restore order during a tyrannical takeover of the Republic.

Stated, as individuals of this Free Republic, we must avoid the trap of instigating a premature revolution. Should we defend ourselves against unjust tyranny? Yes! By all means! But it should only happen under these conditions;

Any sort of violent action against the liberty of the American people has to be started by those that who would wish to abolish the Republic and bring America into the global system (or any other order) – period. As in poker, a verbal argument or a true fight, whoever throws the first punch loses. It is my belief that the American people are being set up to throw the first punch.

Given this clear understanding, if any tyrannical elements within our own government violently move against the American people, the Republic is allowed to mobilize. Then – and only at this point – what must take place is a restoration of Constitutional law and order. This is the only condition where the people, as a whole and individually, are well within their rights to defend themselves through armed conflict against tyrannical oppression. If it occurs under any other condition, we may very well witness the fall of the Republic.

Restoration ensures that the rule of law takes precedence over injustice. Traitors to the Republic should be tried through the American system. They must be given a fair trial, tried for their crimes against the Republic, and if convicted, be punished for their actions.

Like Waco, these tyrannical elements must throw the first punch. It must be obvious to all of the world who the actual aggressor is.

However, as we are currently poised, a situation is being set up to justify gun confiscation by allowing the armed portion of our Republic to prematurely pick a fight over a possible gun ban [which at this point, hasn't even been introduced to Congress].

You have no idea how utterly well-prepared that these globalist forces are, when it comes to dealing with such a matter. They’ve been waiting for almost 100 years. In fact; they want it to happen.

This is a trap that must be avoided.

Bullies can threaten alot of things, whether or not they have the balls to take action is another issue altogether.

Stated again, don’t believe the hype and fall for the trap. Revolutions are violent and their outcomes are uncertain. What lies at the end may not be the liberty that most of us so vehemently desire.

Prepare, plan and be vigilant – however, make no move that would jeopardize the stability of the Republic. I’m utterly convinced that many Americans are not prepared to endure a premature revolution given the current economic situation. Time has to be bought through patience and endurance.

We, as individuals, must make time and hold the voices calling for revolution at bay. For once America falls, be it by executive order of martial law or through an ill planned armed revolution, it will fall forever.

Thank you for reading. God bless you and your family, and if Providence wills it again: God save the Republic.
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