Wednesday, March 27, 2013

There is no such thing as gun violence - It’s just bad grammar

Michael Gregory writes:

“Gun Violence? What exactly is “gun violence”? It is obviously a Liberal political term similar to “assault weapon.” Neither one exists as such, but both induce lots of fear and no real facts. When someone poisons someone else we don’t say “poison violence”, and if a person is killed by a car we don’t say “car violence”. When doctors kill with their medical mistakes, which by the way kill millions of people every year, far beyond any use of weapons, we don’t say “medical violence”. We don’t even consider it as murder! I can think of hundreds of death causing items, and yet there is no “baseball bat violence” or even “knife violence”. The word usage is not even correct . . .

It applies to persons only, not objects. PEOPLE CAUSE VIOLENCE period. They do not need any help from objects. There is NO logic to suggest that any particular object causes violence. It, violence, is within human nature and has been there long before guns were ever invented. Just read the Bible, starting with Abel and Cain.

Yes, I get “gang violence” as I have experienced that growing up in New York and being harassed and beat up by gang pledges. I learned one important thing from that experience. If you FIGHT BACK they will leave you alone. Nothing else works. The cops are never there in time. The reason is gangs are comprised of people, not weapons. So they in fact can be very violent.

Frankly guns are getting a bad rap. They are not “violent” ever. They are not alive so they are simply not capable of violence. They in fact can be used for simple target practice and some people just like to collect them. They are also are quite reliable for hunting, personal defense and at worst war, I will admit.

Do some people misuse them? Of course they do. If people are involved there will be problems and accidents. They use guns to commit crimes, hence we call those people violent criminals. It is an appropriate term as they are people. The gun however is just a tool for them.

Some people even commit suicide. If they do it with a gun it becomes “gun violence” if they jump off a bridge however we don’t make it “bridge violence”. We don’t start talking about banning bridges or “regulating” them. We actually make them higher and more dangerous for jumpers! At best we put up a sign “do not jump from bridge” or build a fence along the sides.

Yet somehow we think that the gun begins beckoning the depressed guy to shoot himself! Bridges however are just innocent of this type of negative reputation because “they can be used for something other than killing”.

There is no logic to the current anti-gun movement but they will never admit it. It is all about getting votes and taking control. Many will read this and criticize my comments but deep inside you know, there is no such thing as gun violence! It’s just bad grammar!

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