Thursday, March 7, 2013

Southern Poverty Law Center: Protect Us from Law Abiding Americans

Today, I read that the Southern Poverty Law Center is tracking an increase in “Patriot” groups, tying it to recent “gun-control” politics, and asking for the US Department of Justice to investigate. I then went to the DOJ website and reviewed information related to the proliferation and increasing sophistication of criminal street gangs. (I assume the SPLC does not track criminal street gangs, and does nothing to address violence related to the illegal activities of street gangs.) Later, I read an article on the FOX News site about a Florida lawmaker that wants to require anger management courses as a prerequisite to purchase ammunition.

Apparently, in the eyes of the SPLC, patriotic law abiding Americans are a more grievous threat than criminal street gangs.

At that point I could no longer hold it in.

I, like the millions and millions of responsible gun owners, feel under personal attack for doing nothing more than owning a gun. My guns, like those owned by the millions and millions of responsible gun owners, do not commit crimes, do not threaten anyone, and do not belong to any criminal, or any criminal street gang. I am angry, upset and frustrated that lazy politicians do absolutely nothing to address crime and violence in this country; and instead waste so much time and valuable resources attacking an issue that has no problem connected to it.

I am tired of listening to the Piers Morgans’ and Bob Costas’ of the world; tired of Mayors Against Illegal Guns; tired of demanding plans; and tired of “common sense” attacks on fundamental constitutional rights. Where were any of these people when Reginald Denny got his head crushed by a block of concrete at the intersection of Normandie and Florence, and the LAPD made a conscious decision to stay away?

Ms. Feinstein, Mr. Bloomberg, what’s your plan to stem the tide, or at least put a finger in the dike to abate in any appreciable manner the tidal wave of illegal drugs that flood this country? What is your plan Piers Morgan to curb the murders, assaults, mayhem and violence incident to the mega billion dollar illegal drug trade? What do you plan to do Mr. Costas to protect the millions and millions of honest, hardworking Americans that are the victims of violent recidivist criminals?

Until any of you have a real plan that addresses the cause of violence in this Country, I suggest you put a sock in it, stand quietly in the corner, and think about it for more than a microsecond.

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