Monday, June 17, 2013

Arming Syrian Rebels: Background Checks not Required

The Obama Administration’s decision to arm Syrian “rebels”: “These guns (at the moment, only small arms like AK pattern rifles) will be handed out without any background checks, registration or other hallmarks of the gun control plans that president Obama says are necessary in the United States.”

Obama’s Boyz don’t want polite, tax-paying Americans without a criminal record to buy black rifles but they’re OK with handing out fully automatic firearms to religious/tribal fanatics in a land where the last time they had an extended period of peace was . . . never. There’s another, equally galling aspect to this . . .
The President of the United States has openly and condescendingly mocked Americans who say they need “assault rifles” to protect against the possibility of a tyrannical government. Yet he’s intent on providing assault rifles to “rebel” forces who oppose a “legitimate” (i.e., UN recognized) government. The President does so in the name of ending the slaughter that accompanies tyranny.

Even The New York Times. Seems to be telling Obama to butt out and let Allah sort out the details . . .
  • "For nearly two years, the Obama administration has described the Syrian regime as having “lost all legitimacy” and “clinging to power.” And yet, it has surprisingly endured. That’s because neither assertion is really accurate. Mr. Assad still has strong support from many Syrians, including members of the Sunni urban class. While the assistance Syria receives from its external allies, like Iran and Russia, is important, it would be inconsequential if the Assad regime were not backed by a significant portion of the population."

The paper’s editorial concludes “Syria is like Iraq, except worse.” When it comes to Americans’ natural, civil and Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms, Obama is like Clinton, only worse. Something to keep in mind as the civilian disarmament industry continues its endless campaign to promote tyranny.

ref: The Truth About Guns

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