Thursday, June 27, 2013

Obama: Under My Plan, Electricity Rates Will Skyrocket

Listen to this Ass Clown.

His excellency's hubris is gonna make me puke.


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  2. Not only would electricity (well, let's say energy in general) rates skyrocket, so will the taxes collected on the sale and usage of that energy. I just purchased a tank of gas and was reading the tax notice on the pump. Fifty four cents of my three dollars and ninety three cents paid for gasoline was taxes. That's almost fourteen percent, and without the tax, my gas would have been $3.39 per gallon. Which is still almost twice what I paid pre-Barry. So, when energy costs rise, the government gets fed. What a plan!

    The goal? Bankrupt the middle class, and make them feel the pain of the poor. Why? Perhaps it's a 'control' issue...

    I am disgusted. Again..