Sunday, August 4, 2013

Mindless Facebook Sheep are Mind-Numbing

A great post by "Chicks on the Right".

These Chicks make two great points -
  • the first examines knee-jerk behavior of facebook sheeple, and 
  • the second is how the sheeple herders decide to which slaughterhouse their flock will be led.


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  2. All I can say is I love COTR, I've had an account (same as here; Conspiracy Theory) through all their trials and tribulations with web site hosting, and I'm now using their hosting company for a number of reasons, especially that the company leans to the right (which is odd for a Seattle company).

    But I digress; the arguments presented by these two women in agreement/disagreement with Gay Marriage pretty much sum it up for me. It's pretty much a libertarian stance, who cares what two people do behind their own doors, and don't let (maybe) 3-4% of the populace tell me what to do.

    The Effing world is on fire, and all people care about is the red = sign on their FB page.

    I am disgusted again, please pass the emesis basin..