Sunday, August 4, 2013

One of the Best Days in My Life was When I Got a Job as a Dishwasher -

 Yes, it is true.  I was a sophomore in High School way back in the dark ages of 1969.  An announcement came over the intercom that the Elks Club had an opening for a dishwasher.  I ducked out of Mrs. Cooney's Spanish class and applied immediately fearing that there was little to no chance that I would be the lucky one.

Hosannah!  I got the job!

It paid the princely sum of $1.60 per hour, plus all I could eat at one of the finest restaurants in town.  Sometimes, if I was lucky, the waitresses would give me a share of their tips for bussing the tables on a busy night.

I kept that part-time job for more than 2 years, and it supplemented my earnings as a mower of lawns, changer of hand lines for a couple of the local farmers, and loading bundles of newspapers at the Tri-City Herald loading dock . 

Yep, I was ecstatic to take any job I could find to fill my tank with 39-cent gasoline and add a few bucks to my college fund.

(Alas, Mrs. Cooney; I still no habla espanol)

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