Saturday, September 21, 2013

Barry, Vlad, and Lurch

This is how Putin got involved.  
(leaked to the Badger Lake Obsever by our agent in Calabasas)

Question to John (Swiftboat) Kerry from the media: "Is there any way we could avoid this 'war' with Syria?"

JSK: "Well, although this could never happen, my good friend and dinner partner, Bashar, President of Syria, could turn over his chemical weapons. But no, that's a rhetorical argument."

Vlad (on the phone to his good buddy Bashar): "Hey Assad, what do you think about turning over your poison gas to an 'International' community group for safe keeping? The idiot Kerry just stepped on his dick with that one. Hahahahaha!"

Dictator Assad Answers: "If that will keep my friend 'Swiftboat' from lobbing bombs on my palace; Sure! But doesn't that mean I have to admit I have chemicals?"

Vlad (the other dictator):"Don't worry, we'll just move em around (again). You shoulda never taken Sadam's shit. I told you it would be trouble. See what happened to him?"

Vlad (the other dictator on the hotline with Barry and JSK): "Barry, Barry, Barry - my wimpy friend -   Bashar says he'll give up his WMD's, what do you think?"

Barry (taking a drag on his Marlboro): "Will that save my ass? Cuz' confidentially I don't know what the hell I'm doing!"

Vlad (the other dictator): "Hell yeah, let me save your wimpy butt."

Barry (to JSK): "Help me out here Johnny, what do I do? The bastards in Congress (how DARE they) are going to vote against me. It's for the Children!"

JSK: "Errr - ahhh, hey, it was MY Idea! Why not?"

Barry: "Can I take the credit for stopping a war? My peace prize is saved and I get away again! Whew; that was close. Maybe I'll do it!"

JSK: "We have to be REALLY cautious.  Who knows where this could lead!"

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