Monday, September 16, 2013

California. Forced Secession would be nice.

These new laws, passed and approved by the California Legislature are now on their way to Governor Moonbeam's desk.

He will sign them all.

SB 299 (DeSaulnier) Theft or Loss reporting within 7 days – Passed 41-32

SB 683 (Block) Long gun safety certificate – Passed 44-30

SB 475 (Leno) Gun Shows at the Cow Palace – Passed 42-29

AB 538 (Pan) California gun registry – Passed 50-23 . . .

SB 363 (Wright) Secured storage – Passed 62-8

AB 500 DOJ is now allowed more time to delay delivery of a firearm – Passed 20-14

AB 169 (Dickinson) If you own an older hand gun you can no longer sell it or will it to your children – Passed 21-14

SB 374 (Steinberg) – the Semi-Auto Rifle Ban just passed out of the Assembly – Passed 42 – 30 Abstain 6. It now goes back to the Senate for concurrence and upon approval, will head to the Governor’s Desk.

AB 231 (Ting) which provides that a person commits the crime of “criminal storage of a firearm in the third degree” – Passed 44-28.

AB 711 (Rendon) which will effectively ban hunting in the state by banning lead ammunition – Passed 44-27.

It appears that the majority of Californians and their elected representatives are either brain-dead or are
Al Qaeda sympathizers.

Subjects of the Peoples Republic of Al Qaedafornia are sending several new, highly restrictive laws to Governor Jerry “Moonbeam” Brown in hopes of further limiting Californian’s Second Amendment rights.

As Bloomberg News reports, the new laws would “outlaw semi-automatic rifles with detachable magazines, ban adapters to convert magazines to high-capacity clips, order safety certification to buy any gun and require ownership records for all firearms.”

These bills are ready for Governor Brown’s signature.

These laws were all written by people who know nothing about guns except that they don’t like the Constitution and want to eliminate all firearms.

Sadly, neither California’s electorate, nor the legislature has learned the lesson taught by the two Senators in Colorado who tried their best to eliminate Coloradan’s Second Amendment rights and got fired by voters for their efforts.

So, what do you think? Will Californians ever stand up for themselves against the crooks and anti-Americans in their state legislature?

I think not.  Since there is no constitutional mechanism by which an existing state can be ejected from the union, The best possible outcome is that the "Big One" will shake this cesspool into the ocean.

As a self test for readers of The Badger Lake Observer, please review the following graphic.  If its message is lost, then slit your wrists immediately to protect the children, the down-trodden racial minorities and the underprivileged among us.

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