Friday, December 13, 2013

Who Will Murder You - Police or Gun Permit Holders?

With the increasing popularity and legality of concealed gun permits, there has been a common thread among gun control groups.  They say that more concealed gun permits would bring “blood in the streets.”

They preach that “gun nuts” who carry guns everywhere are just “looking for trouble” and itching to kill someone.

Well, that’s just not right.

                      General Public                                                        Police                                                   Gun Permit Holders       

According to the statistics, concealed gun permit holders are actually less likely than even the police to commit a murder.

According to the Violence Policy Center, Florida has the highest murder rate among concealed gun permit holders, and those numbers put the murder rate at somewhere around .58/100,000. Counting domestic homicides only, police officers committed 1.85/100,000 over the same time period.

Nationally, the murder rate in the United States sits right around 4.5/100,000. Therefore, you’re over three times less likely to be killed in a room filled with concealed gun permit holders than police officers.

Cool, huh?

Carry On!


  1. Lots of numbers here, but how about some valid citations? Where are these numbers (1.85/100,000, 4.5/100,000, etc.)? What about the chart? Did you create it or is it borrowed from elsewhere? If the former,why not include how those numbers were arrived at, and if the latter, a link to the source would be helpful. Either way would assist in validating the data. As it is, I've seen far too many undocumented, or with dubious documentation, claims regarding the battle for gun rights. With no bona fide sources (IMO VPC is not a valid source for anything) any anti inclined to read this could, with good reason, say these numbers were simply pulled from that place where the Sun don't shine. You can't depend on them to Google up evidence that disputes their stance, you have to spoon-feed it to them.

    1. Have faith in the Badger lake Observer. The numbers presented here are factual.

      If you must try and digest the numbers yourself, take a gander at the FBI crime statistics here:

      Generally the charts and figures and stats are not read by many, nor understood by most. In that light, here are a couple of links to some specific examples of "Cop Killers".

      Give Google a chance and search on "Murders committed by police officers" or something similar. There are many many examples.

  2. "You can't depend on them (antis) to Google up evidence that disputes their stance, you have to spoon-feed it to them."

    Did you miss the last sentence in my post? It's not about me, or faith in a blogger who is a stranger to me*, it's about antis finding it easy to deny any credence to the claims in the blog. I reiterate, you're not going to get them to Google up anything that goes against their beliefs. OTOH, if we're just concerned with preaching to the choir, carry on.

    *No offense intended, just stating a fact. And it's likely also a fact for any antis who may stumble onto the post.

  3. Something else to take into account (wish I had time to dig up some links; but it's Sunday and I'm just browsing) is that if you eliminate the four major crime cities, Chicago, Detroit, DC and N'awleens, the statistics for murder drop like the trajectory of my 380gr .45 caliber long colts...

    1. 380 grains is a hole lotta lead - even for a .45 Colt! You may need to stock up before Henry Waxman comes to get 'em. Those lead bullets are all but illegal in Kalifornia

      If I were to find myself in Obamaland (formerly the land of Lincoln), I'd pack up my goods and head to a place where the term "red state" brings to mind conservatism and not the hammer and sickle. I suppose that also may apply to the Bear Flag Republic as well . . .

    2. Speaking of trajectories few things drop faster than popularity of the current Commander-in-Chief - unless you consider American affluence, influence, or common sense in the past 5 years.

  4. Just a little reminder; those four major crime cities are controlled by the Dems, and have the most stringent gun restrictions in the country...

    1. No, New Orleans does not have "stringent gun restrictions" by any stretch of anyone's imagination.

      Incorrect information like that blows your whole point out of the water with the gun control crowd.

    2. On the books, the NOLA laws are not much different than in many other places. That being said, the laws regarding firearms in restaurants and bars are, on the surface, conflicting. You can and will be arrested by the NOLA police if they even suspect that you have a firearm in most any restaurant and for certain in all bars. Even though one law specifically allows the possession of firearms in restaurants that serve alcohols, another is often interpreted to prohibit that very thing. The beat cops will arrest you, confiscate your goods and lock you up for the weekend - guaranteed. They'll let you go after you pay a lawyer to tell the magistrate that the cops have arrested you unjustly. It'll cost you plenty in time and money and discomfort - especially if you are a Yankee.

      NOLA police has a well-known and well-deserved reputation of corruption.

    3. On the other hand, a popular quote from an un-named Louisiana legislator goes something like this:

      "I always carries a gun in Louisiana. I always carries 2 guns in New Orleans."