Monday, June 2, 2014

Obama's Emissions - Death to America and Death to Democrats

Emissions spewing forth from Obama's Pen or his phone are much more deleterious than any puff of steam from a power plant.

Members of his own party are reeling in the wake of another attack on Economic recovery.  Not to mention the devastating effect it will have on Democrats running for election this fall.

Obama's first run at Cap and Trade was soundly rejected by Democrats and Republicans alike in 2009. However, he has a Pen and a Phone - never mind that he has no Constitutional Authority to legislate from the Oval Office.

Even the L.A. Times is wringing its hands at Obama's latest incarnation of Cap and Trade.

Here are a few of salient quotes from the L.A. Times article :

 "A Dagger in the Heart of the American Middle Class" 
“Already reeling from the painful effects of Obamacare, the American people are now being told they have to shoulder the burdens of the president’s latest 'solution' in the form of higher costs, fewer jobs, and a less reliable energy grid.” 
 The Environmental Protection Agency announced Monday that it will seek to cut greenhouse-gas emissions from existing power plants 30% by 2030, one of the more ambitious efforts by any administration to tackle the effects of climate change.
 The Campaign of Alison Lundergan Grimes, the Democrat candidate for Senator from Kentucky, is scrambling:
" . . . to demonstrate independence from the national Democratic Party. Her campaign says this week she'll launch "an aggressive, multi-platform push" to highlight her advocacy on behalf of the coal industry. "
"This administration has taken direct aim at Kentucky's coal industry, crippling the commonwealth's largest source of domestic energy and threatening thousands of jobs," Grimes spokeswoman Charly Norton said. "In the U.S. Senate, Alison will spare no effort to persuade Washington's policymakers that a coherent, rational national energy policy must have a meaningful, long-term place for coal."

Perhaps Obama believes that tree huggers will be more comfortable voting by candlelight.

Remember folks, when calculating the rate of inflation in the USA, the Obama Administration excludes energy costs.

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