Saturday, August 9, 2014

Annie Oakley: A True Feminist Icon

“The fact is, guns do more for female empowerment than modern feminism which prefers government as their protector. But legal ownership gives you real power, equalizing the battle between you and evil. Ask any girl: The confidence from learning to shoot a pistol is far superior to any gender studies course, and a stalker is less likely to stalk if you can ventilate his groin. Which is why a whirring bullet is the ideal rape whistle and the real feminist icon should be Annie Oakley, not Sandra Fluke.” – Greg Gutfeld, Guns empower women more than feminism [via]

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  1. American women agree with you: more and more women are getting their concealed carry weapons permits across the country.

    While not all will choose to carry a firearm, learning to defend herself and be aware of her surroundings is one of the first things every girl should learn. And if she didn't learn these skills as a girl, every woman certainly should and can.

    It is only too late to learn how to prevent an assault after it has already happened.