Friday, August 29, 2014

Quote from the OMG Network: "George Bush Never Learned That"

Presidential Press Conference 8-28-2014 excerpt:

"I have no strategy to deal with ISIS, just as I have no strategy to deal with the Ukraine, Libya, the southern border, or anything else beyond the 18th green," he said. "Let me be perfectly clear--I have done nothing. I am doing nothing. And I'm not even planning to do more nothing--because that would actually involve doing something. I learned that at college while not editing the Harvard Law Review.

"As the world descends further into chaos in the coming weeks and months, I will diligently continue to work on my wedge game and putting--because that's where you score. George Bush never learned that. That's because he quit playing golf after 9-11. I can assure the American people that I am not a quitter."

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