Sunday, September 21, 2014

Global Carbon Summit: Ooops You Forgot China at the People's Climate March

As the Western World's Tree Huggers are lamenting carbon emissions and demanding an end to industrial activity, the Non Western World (that's The Orient to all of you non-politically correct old geezers) is busy belching out more greenhouse gasses than all  of the the Western World Whiteys combined.

Smoke rises from chimneys and cooling towers of a refinery in Ningbo, Zhejiang province August 19, 2014.

Seems like China is is right on schedule to burp out more carbon than the USA and the European Union combined.  Even the subcontinent of India surpasses the emissions of Industrialized Europe.  Click here for an article with the numbers.

Think about it - even if the USA pulled the plug on all the fossil fuel burning power plants  and stopped burning gasoline and diesel fuel, and stopped burning presto logs in the fireplaces, or candles in midnight vigils of mourning over a warming planet, the global increase in carbon emissions will continue to rise.

Meanwhile those sneaky little Orientals are not only polluting the air unfettered by pesky tree-huggers, but are decimating our economy in the process.

Maybe instead of People's Climate March, it should have been named the Endless Escher Endeavor, or perhaps the Gullible Mobius March

Go figure


  1. Hey, can you use the term "Orientals"? Ya know, Little Joey Biden got chastised for that last week... ;-)

    - DB


    1. The words "chinks" and "gooks" were avoided for that very reason.

  2. P.S.: I LOVE "Gullible Mobius March", very clever...