Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Another Ebola Victim in Dallas. Gov't Official: Amber Vinson case is a "Gut Shot"

Is anyone surprised that even more stooges in Dallas have been infected with Ebola?

The CDC said it could not happen, and would not happen.

President Obama said Ebola would never reach our shores.

They said not to worry.

As a matter of course, if the Obama Administration says "Don't Worry"  the opposite action is much more appropriate.

The Liberian Ebola patient, Thomas Eric Duncan, was left in an open area of the emergency room for hours, and nurses treating him worked without proper protective gear and faced constantly changing protocols, according to a statement released by the nation's largest nurses' union.

Public-health authorities are raising more questions about whether American hospitals and their staffs are adequately prepared to contain the virus.

Ebola victims are rapidly growing in number  and flying around the country with reckless abandon (not to mention strolling about on the streets shopping for lunch), therefore the following image is submitted for your consideration.

When the shit hits the fan it's time to replace the plumber president

Here is the scoop:

A second Dallas nurse who became infected with the Ebola virus while caring for a dying patient took a Frontier Airlines flight from Cleveland, Ohio, to Dallas-Fort Worth on Oct. 13, just one day before she reported developing symptoms of infection, U.S. and airline officials said Wednesday.

The nurse has been identified as Amber Vinson, one of her relatives said Wednesday.

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the airline said they are reaching out to all 132 passengers who were aboard the flight. The CDC said in a statement the nurse showed no symptoms during the flight, according to crew members.

The CDC is urging all passengers from the flight to call a toll-free hotline 1 800-CDC-INFO (1-800-232-4636).
In Dallas, the nurse at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital, who cared for Ebola victim Thomas Eric Duncan, was immediately isolated after reporting a fever Tuesday, the state health department said.

She lives alone and has no pets, Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings said at an early morning news conference Wednesday.

"Health officials have interviewed the latest patient to quickly identify any contacts or potential exposures, and those people will be monitored," the hospital said in a statement.

Officials declined to give an exact time frame for when the new patient tested positive for Ebola in a preliminary test at a state lab.

Rawlings said local health officials moved quickly to clean affected areas involving the second nurse and to alert her neighbors and friends.

"We rallied together and we decided to move quickly," said Rawlings, adding that he visited the complex earlier Wednesday.
At the same news conference, Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins, the county's chief political officer, said authorities are anticipating additional possible Ebola cases in what was now a "two-front war."

"We are preparing contingencies for more, and that is a very real possibility," Jenkins said.

“You can imagine the anxiety of these people. You can imagine the gut shot that this is to the hospital that has taken care of the community for many, many years.”


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