Monday, October 27, 2014

Obama: Ebola Insurgent?

What's up with Obama?
Why is he so opposed to the isolation of travelers, medical personnel, or the military after they return from ebola-raveged countries?
It just seems to make sense to use the same procedures that have been used for over a hundred years to keep the chances of epidemics  as low as possible.
This was done at points-of-entry like Ellis Island with the result that no disease was ever brought to our shores for lack of doing their utmost to protect the public health and safety.
The Obama administration and the mass media are fighting tooth and nail to keep our borders open.
Open to disease.
Open to jihadists.
Open to drug dealers.
Open to gun-runners.
Read the linked story about the military leaders that are defying Obama by temporary quarantine of returning troops.  At least the generals are standing up for America and Americans.

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