Thursday, October 30, 2014

Why Can’t They Just Leave Gabrielle Giffords Alone?

Why Can’t They Just Leave Gabrielle Giffords Alone?


“She has delivered the same 64-word speech eight times already, but Gabby Giffords is struggling to get through the ninth,” reports. ‘Together, we can win elections,’ the former Arizona congresswoman tells her Seattle audience before starting to stumble. After a moment of confused silence, an aide whispers the next line, and Giffords continues the broken sentence: ‘… change our laws.'” The rest of the article focuses on the fact that Giffords and her anti-gun group Americans for Responsible Solutions are fighting a losing battle for gun control. But here’s the main question raised by this piece . . .

Is ANY of this Giffords’ idea? The fact that the brain-damaged Congresswoman can’t make it through a 64-word speech she’s delivered countless times indicates either extreme fatigue or ongoing cognition problems or both. I reckon she’s being pushed beyond her mental and physical limits by her “team.” You know. “For the children.”

Here’s my idea: how about Giffords’ “handlers” and her hubby just back the F off and let the wounded Congresswoman rest, recuperate and retire? Not gonna happen. Giffords is the literal embodiment of the bloody shirt anti-gunners wave – without shame – to further their civilian disarmament agenda. And they call us cynical.

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  1. God Damn It! It's time we remove cars and trucks from the dangerous arena of public transportation!!! And drugs; drugs are what really kill people! What the fuck are you people thinking?

    More people die from DRUG OVERDOSES than from guns! (oh, and this from the Huff n Puff Post...)

    Really? Interestingly, automobile accident deaths still exceed the number of gunshot fatalities.

    Please, please, please! We REALLY need to outlaw CARS!!! It's for the children...

    - Conspiracy Theory...