Monday, December 1, 2014

Black Yoots Murder White Dood, Sharpton Keeps his Yap Shut

First off, here is the link to a story in the Daily Mail - A UK publication.  Coverage in the USA has been sparse so far.

A gang of black teenagers used hammers to beat a newlywed to death in front of his wife and friend after they attacked his car early on Sunday morning in an apparently random attack.
Zemir Begic was heading home from a bar at 1:15 a.m in St Louis when a group of teenagers surrounded his car and began banging on it.
The 32-year-old stepped out of the vehicle, only to be yelled at and set upon with hammers, striking him in the head, abdomen and face and leaving him fatally injured.

Suppose this guy would have used a gun to defend himself and his wife.
Suppose he killed a couple of the murdering scum.
Supposing all of that, you can guarantee that the news would be something like this:
  • White Racist Shoots Unarmed Black Teens. 
  • Their grieving mammas all say they were nice boys.

I think I'm gonna puke.


  1. Yes, pass me the barf bag! Where is the indignation? Where is the outrage? Where is Al Sharpton? Where is the AG Eric (the racist) Holder? We have to do something? How about a 'race' riot by white folk???? Where is the indignation?

    Oh, I asked that already. I was once told there is no such thing as 'reverse' discrimination. Anything black folk do to white folk can't be discrimination. That's not the definition of discrimination. Oh, Ok, "...St Louis authorities DENY that deadly hammer attack on Bosnian immigrant was racist..." I see, it wasn't racist because??? Oh, it was a 'Bosnian' so it can't be racist, Bosnia is a country not a race! I get it!

    We're doomed...

    1. You and I, as semi-sentient beings, and products of the 1950's, probably are not doomed as individuals. The sad-sacks of Generation-X and the Millennials, certainly are doomed. For it was, and is, Them that ushered-in an era of obliviousness and self-absorbed ratchetism.

      (Ratchet - I just learned of this urbanism last night - look it up. :-)