Sunday, April 5, 2015

Why is it so hot - and what’s up with this handbasket?

While attempting to eliminate some of the flotsam and jetsam from my cluttered and clogged hard drive (does anyone still call them that?) I stumbled across this missive penned in 2005.  It appears that things have not improved a whit in 10 years

Here it is the 5th day of November, and I find myself a refugee from the TV room the past few weeks.  It seems that I am beginning to overdose on election season blather and propaganda.

Two years ago the State of Washington’s Governor’s race was the closest contest in history.  The election night count had the two candidates separated by a fraction of a percentage point.  The first count showed that a fellow by the name of Rossi to be the winner.  A recount had Rossi still in the lead.  To Mr. Rossi’s chagrin, a third count bumped him out of the Governor’s office by less than 130 votes out of 2.8 million ballots cast.

Of course the outcome was challenged in the courts - many times and in many venues - up to and including the State Supreme Court.  In each instance the documented and indisputable evidence of election fraud was staggering. 

·        More votes cast than there were registered voters.
·        Hundreds of votes from convicted felons.
·        Hundreds of votes from graveyard residents.
·        Thousands of votes that were “found” after the first,  second, and third vote tallies.
·        Hundreds of ballots that were discarded as “defective.”
·        Hundreds of votes from “Poll Hoppers”- These folks wandered from precinct to precinct,voting early and voting often
·        Hundreds of votes from cats, dogs, parakeets, and sundry house pets.
·        Thousands of votes from illegal aliens.
·        Thousands of votes from non-residents.

The interesting thing is that the vast majority of these documented fraudulent events were in favor of the final victor, and our newest Governor.  The “irregularities” were concentrated in less than 10 percent of the precincts that leaned strongly toward the final winner.

Here in the state of Washington, more and more counties have closed down the polling places in favor of 100% mail-in ballots.  Last night the Secretary of state was on the tube gleefully predicting an upsurge in democracy and a huge voter turnout - all because of the new vote-by-mail strategy.

In reality, I suspect his glee is due more to the fact that his office has been relieved of the burden of ensuring a fair and equitable election process.

Up until this year, voting at the polls was a genuine free-for all.  State law prohibited poll workers from checking the identity of prospective voters.  No voter registration cards were required.  Voting could take place in any precinct, whether registered there or not.

The solution?  100% vote by mail. 

Yup - the total number of ballots cast is going up, and the quality of the votes is going down.

I guess the theory is quantity vs. quality. 

In my community the outcome of an election can easily be predicted by using a couple of very simple methods.

·      Count election posters and yard signs.  The candidate with the most signs wins.

·      The snappiest campaign slogan wins

·      The apparent ethnicity of the candidate’s name.  Good old American sounding names win.

Here is an example: The local City Council race has Larson pitted against Cruz

Larson has thousands of signs vs. hundreds by Cruz.
Larson’s campaign slogan is “Guarding your rights -saving your money.”
Surname: Good old boy vs. “Foreigner.”

Larson is an unemployed (and unemployable) recluse without documented secondary education.
Cruz is an articulate community leader with considerable education and sheepskins from renowned universities.

Larson has been openly ridiculed by the local newspaper as a loose cannon, a slanderer, and a general crackpot.

Cruz has the overwhelming endorsement of the business community, and the (politically Liberal) newspaper.

In a recent public meeting, Larson attempted to use an overhead transparency projector by placing a book on the glass.  He was genuinely surprised when the screen suddenly went black.  Even turning the book over didn’t improve matters.  He accused the meeting sponsors of sabotage and conspiracy.

Larson will win the election.

I genuinely believe that drafting public officials by lottery would be preferable to our reliance upon our brain-dead neighbors, and the public servants they select.

Here is an Update:  In the next election for Governor it was a  rematch:  Rossi vs. Gregoire  II.  this time the Liberal machine had fraud vote by mail firmly in place and it went the way we all expected.

Uncle Joe was right.

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