Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Obama is a Freaking Rock Star!

Surfing the intertubes whilst slurping the morning java, I came across this gem:

"Obama has been a complete failure in just about every one of his stated goals. He is, however, a freaking rock star when it comes to accomplishing his unstated goals…"

His methodology of appearing to completely turn everything he touches or speaks of into a rancid stuttering cluster is serving him well as the ultimate distraction.

A more succinct statement on Obama's methodology is yet to be found.

Speaking of B.O. and rock stars, here is another opinion piece that further explores the "Rock Star" analogy.  While not as short nor as sweet, this commentary is worth the read - unless or course you are unable or unwilling to digest anything more than sound bites.

President Obama is exactly that, a rock star. He’s cool and hip. Yes, I know I may be dating myself here. He’s appeared on the most influential shows in America: “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon”, “The Late Show with David Letterman”, “The Late, Late Show with Craig Ferguson” and “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno”. These are the shows that many Americans look to in deciding who they should support, who is cool, and who is not. These are the shows that help a lot of Americans make their decisions on national issues.

Obama is stylish and at ease in a crowd. He can sing with the best of them. He’s performed at many gatherings of loyal fans and listeners. Tens of thousands have come to see his shows. He knows just how to throw out all the right words to his worshipful, mesmerized followers. He says all the things they want to hear. They listen intently to his pearls of wisdom, and admire the eloquent way in which he speaks each and every one. He puts on one of the best shows in D.C. and throughout the nation.
What? You don’t believe me. Think about it. At the end of every show he smashes his guitar into the stage to the roars of applause. Wait a minute. Your right he’s not that kind of a rock star. He’s the President of the United States. This is an important point.

Think about going to see your favorite band or solo artist in concert. You enjoy the show, but when it is over it is over. At the end of the show the rock star moves on to the next town, then the next. Each time it’s a great show even though it’s the same in each town with the same words.

Now, imagine you stuck around after all the faithful fans have left. After the show you would see the aftermath of the concert. What would remain? You would find a stadium littered with trash. On the floor would be the remnants of discarded food and wrappers, puddles of spilled soda, alcohol, and urine. The clean-up crew would swoop in to clean up the mess. The road crew would descend on the stage like a pack of hungry wolves, pack up the equipment and get it to the next show in the next town for the next waiting crowd.

The rock star and stage crew would not be concerned with the mess left behind, the condition of the stadium or who would have to clean up the mess, or even if it would be cleaned up. That would be someone else’s problem, not theirs. Besides, everyone got their monies worth, didn’t they? If you were the last fan to leave the stadium, seeing the litter left blowing in the wind, you would probably feel a sense of emptiness. The rock star is gone and you are left alone.
Now picture America as that stadium and President Obama as the rock star. America’s citizens are the crowd. Some had a great time at the show. But afterwards as they survey the mess left behind in their country in the wake of Barack Obama—rock star—many are left feeling empty and alone. At the end we are feeling buyer’s remorse. But like all “good things” the show must come to an end and the star must move on.

But with this scenario, there is no clean-up crew. There were large new signs as we entered that said everyone entering must do their part in cleaning the stadium at the end of the show. But many of the fans don’t stick around for the clean-up. They don’t care to be held responsible for the mess they helped create and certainly don’t want anyone to think they were responsible for any part of it. The good times were had and now it’s time to go home. Someone else can clean up. That’s the way it’s always been. But there will be some who stick around, perhaps only a few but some.
At the end of President Obama’s stage performance he will leave the stadium after waving to his fans and telling everyone he is focusing on jobs with a laser-like focus to the roars of the crowd. He’s going to at least get each of us a fair shot at one. He’s going to transform America into what he believes it should be and get you your fair share. And if there was something you didn’t like about the show you could certainly blame the last guy for that. President Obama is not responsible for any problems with the show. He’s above that, he’s a rock star.

Many American’s like the pretty words, and always want to hear more. They want to be told how everything bad is someone else’s fault, never theirs. High unemployment is the fault of his predecessor, but it’s turning around due solely to the driving force of the rock star—the President. He say it’s just gonna take more time. The season of recovery is almost here. Oh, that’s right that already come and gone.

Do we as Americans realize that after the President Obama World Tour is over in 2016 the biggest clean-up in American history will be required? When President Obama leaves the stage for the last time we will have a higher national debt than ever before. Over thirty percent of the entire debt will be from his terms in office. It already is. He will be responsible for it. But the question is? Will American blame him or hold the next president responsible?

In December 2007 the debt every American, including infants owed toward the national debt was under thirty thousand dollars. As this writing the debt every American owes is $52,583.00. We are “progressing” toward doubling what is owed per person in just over four years. What will it be when Obama’s term is over? Are you prepared to pay up? I’m not!

President Obama has passed out gifts to his loyal followers at each of his shows. The problem is he charged it all on your credit card. And the bill is now coming due. Will America’s status as a super power and our foreign relations be damaged during his time on the stage? Will we devolve from the “sleeping giant” that entered World War II to the paper tiger he created? Will our military be weaker? Will we need those horses and bayonets then? Will North Korea and Iran have nuclear weapons before he leaves office? Will more American diplomats be sacrificed to prove we have Al-Qaeda on the run or on its heels?

Sadly it seems most Americans do not realize that there will be a price to pay. But there will be. And we have yet to see what our portion of the bill will be. What will he leave for the next president to clean up? Will the next President have anything to work with when he takes office? Every American must understand that in the end those in any political office are not going to have to pay the bill they have run up—you are. The debt is on your credit card. It will be me and you, each of us who will have the bill delivered personally. We are approaching the point where the can can’t be kicked any farther down the road.
My advice to every American is this. Make sure you vote in 2014. It may be the second most important vote in your lifetime. Let’s start a voting revolution. Let’s really change Washington. Let’s rally behind the motto: Dump the Chump. Especially, if they have grown old in office as so many have. I don’t know about you but I never wanted a rock star as president. I was hoping for the real thing. I was hoping for change for America’s future. I was hoping for a change for the better. Now go buy those tickets to the next concert.

by Craig Petree 2-27-13

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