Thursday, January 7, 2016

Mental Health and Medical Records - There Is No Privacy in HIPAA - Still

As it's 2016, and we have recently (this week) been hearing a lot about the "Increased mental health checks", and how they will be used for firearms background checks.

Despite what folks think, medical records are not private. Many, if not most people believe "It's my medical record." Wrong! In fact, the law specifically states the record is the property of the facility /doctor. This is a very important distinction.

The so-called privacy rule is a joke. There are myriad authorized (and planned) holes in HIPAA .

How many of you know that none of those letters in the HIPAA  acronym has anything to do with privacy?  HIPAA = Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act.  The same benevolent elites that brought us HIPAA are the same loons that loosed the mentally ill onto the streets and into refrigerator boxes.

Every agency out there has, or can easily obtain, an exemption. This is known as a "Covered Entity". Your Doctor has no choice. A "Covered Entity" does not need your permission or knowledge to access your medical information.

When they announced the HIPAA Privacy law, everyone got a "Warm & Fuzzy" that their private medical information was, indeed private. Someone just forgot to mention the numerous exemptions already written into the law, and that there is a provision in the law which allows an entity to apply for "Covered Entity" status @ a later date.

They already have full and unfettered access to your medical information / medical records. They can either access them electronically,(unless your hospital is not a stand-alone system), remember the electronic record deal of several years ago? For the stand-alone facility, a simple demand to produce the record, which will be faxed, emailed or hand delivered. If the doctor or facility questions "why?", a copy of the law granting "Covered Status" will be used as an answer.

NEVER, EVER say you are depressed, upset, angry or have feelings of wanting revenge against anyone person, or an entity. Never say you are suicidal or have homicidal feelings.

At your doctors office, REFUSE to answer any so-called "statistical" surveys: Questions about gun ownership, sexual trama, religion, family members, domestic problems, your deep seated feelings, kids, debts, etc.

This information is only collected to be used against you at a later date. It amounts to your written & signed confession. The doctor cannot refuse to render services because you won't provide answers to a "harmless" survey. You can even refuse certain medical tests.

The VA is one of the worst in this mental health Data collection scheme. Call for an appointment and they tell you 2X in the recording about how to call a special number if you're depressed, etc.


Even if your loved one dies, you are "Naturally in mourning, but accept death is part of the natural cycle." You are not angry at a higher power or the deceased ones doctor, etc.

Don't ever reveal information not specifically germane to your medical condition. A problem with acid reflux does not require you to disclose firearm ownership information or your current "feelings."
Eliminate all other factors, and the one which remains must be the truth. Sherlock Holmes

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