Thursday, January 7, 2016

Show us Your Papers, Old Man - NO GUNS FOR YOU!

This week, the President picked up his “phone and his pen” and continued his assault on the Second Amendment.

On the presidential website, the President declared war on senior citizens, and on private individuals who, in some cases, sell as few as one firearm.

He’s circumventing Congress and enacting “legislation” by executive fiat.

Obama has declared Open Season on Seniors and Other Law-Abiding Gun Owners

Those are just the highlights. There is much more, and you can read additional analysis of the President’s imperial diktat here.

But bottom line: Having failed to get gun control legislation passed in Congress, Obama is doing what he always does when he can’t get what he wants.

In July of last year Obama announced his plans to ban Social Security beneficiaries from owning guns, if they are deemed as being unable to manage their financial affairs.

With this new executive action, that policy has now been officially announced:

The Social Security Administration (SSA) has indicated that it will begin the rulemaking process to ensure that appropriate information in its records is reported to NICS [and] will cover appropriate records of the approximately 75,000 people each year.

The President also wants to take America back 30 years -- prior to the reforms in the Firearms Protection Act of 1986 -- and unleash a horde of additional ATF agents to entrap law-abiding Americans who are supposedly “engaged in the business” of selling firearms.

What constitutes being “engaged in the business” -- selling 50 guns ... 25 guns ... 15 guns ... or 5 guns? While the President’s lawless decree doesn’t say, it does suggest the number could be as low as “one or two transactions.”

So if you’re financially strapped in this Obama economy and want to make a few bucks selling off the firearms in your home, look out. You could be “sentenced up to five years in prison and fined up to $250,000” if you are subsequently determined to have “engaged in the business” of selling an unspecified number of firearms without a license.

The alternative, of course, is that you voluntarily become an FFL and conduct background checks on every gun you sell -- guns that you legally bought as a private citizen.

Just as the President admitted that ObamaCare would serve as a first step to single-payer (aka, socialistic) health care, so will these gun control regs push us one-step closer to universal gun registration, which is what the President actually wants.

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