Monday, May 23, 2016

Who would make a better President - Don Draper or Abe Drexler?

Were were watching Mad Men on DVD and my better half was waxing nostalgic about the '60s and how grand it was. 

Like I often tell her, it is easy to recall the good times, but the painful ones are often lost in the mists of time. The 60's were also Walter Cronkite announcing body counts of dead Americans, grammar school kids drilling under their desks in preparation of nuclear annihilation, Bill Ayers and the Weather Underground bombing the Pentagon, Murder and mayhem at the Chicago DNC convention, two dead Kennedys a martyred King, and Mary Jo Kopechne killed in a salty bog by a callous and drunken rapist, Black Panthers gunning down Malcom, while Farrakhan was urging his sycophants to kill whitey. 

Many of my fellow Baby Boomers hid under their mamma's skirts or high-tailed it up north in acts of false bravado, while in reality they were more afraid and cowardly than those of us that marched into the Post Office and registered for the draft - a patriotic duty that, in all likelihood, would be a ticket to Saigon.

Gen Xers and Millennials may get all misty at the thought of the good old days that they never saw, however I vote for the here and now and work (not hope) for a better tomorrow. 

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