Monday, June 6, 2016

Is Happiness a Warm Gun? Yes, yes it is.

Someone recently asked:  "Is Happiness a Warm Gun?
In part, he queried:  "How does carrying a gun, or having one, make you feel?"

My answer is simple: 
I don’t feel much of anything. Thank goodness – its about time!

Here is a bit of info for 99% of you folks out there: Carry all the time, carry comfortably, carry inconspicuously. The time will come when that gun in your pocket or purse will all but disappear from your thoughts. It’ll be there like the eyeglasses on your nose or the wedding ring on your finger. You won’t notice it and neither will anyone else.

That, my friends, is a warm gun that brings happiness, and a bit of peace.

Happiness is a warm gun.  Yes, yes it is.

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