Tuesday, July 5, 2016

FBI Director Comey Says Hillary Clinton is Guilty as Sin - But She Didn't Really Mean It.

This morning I see that FBI Director Comey has come to the conclusion that even though Hillary Clinton clearly violated the law, she didn't do it on purpose so it's OK.

He also said they found no evidence of efforts to hide evidence.  - What? - She wiped a server that was under subpoena and deleted 30k emails that investigators wanted to look at.

In a nutshell, Hillary is being let off the hook because, in the opinion of the FBI, she is merely a bumbling fool that doesn't know what she did was illegal, immoral, dishonest, dangerous, or foolish.

Are you really surprised? Really?

I would have been shocked to the core of my being if any Obama Justice Department bureaucrat did anything that might be contrary to the President's insidious liberal agenda.

I personally know several people that held high-level security clearances that were very vigorously prosecuted, fined, fired, and barred from government service in any capacity for digressions much less onerous than even those admitted to by Hillary Clinton. The acts she denies, but are clearly supported by the evidence, would result in certain imprisonment

I sometimes wonder if any value is left of the 35 years of service I gave in support of my country.

America has come full circle. The colonies are ruled by aristocrats who create the rules but are not subject to them. We are, once again, taxed and fined without representation by political appointees. 

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