Friday, August 12, 2016

Murderous Holsters are Killing Innocent Bodega Dudes

The InterWebs are all atwitter about the NYC Cops and their dastardly gun holsters.

Those holsters must be banned to protect innocent citizens.

Either that or perhaps they could make the commission of a crime a criminal act punishable by punishment.

Here is the lowdown on the Snatch-grab-and murder:

In the predawn hours of Aug. 9, police officers were flagged down regarding a dispute at the A&M Deli at 230 East 198th Street in New York City. During the ensuing incident, as detailed by NYPD Assistant Chief Larry Nikunen, Efraim Guzman, 30, was able to remove an officer’s gun from the holster and shoot a bodega worker he had previously been in a dispute with across the street. Shot by officers twice, Guzman was taken to St. Barnabas Hospital.

“Obviously we are going to review all the tactics involved. But looking at the video, Mr. Guzman made a very fast move and basically ripped the gun from the officer’s holster,” said Nikunen.
Oh - Did anyone mention that the Innocent and hard working convenience store operator is dead?  Dead at the hands of a criminal.

It is not the holster's fault.
It is not the gun's fault.
It is the criminal's fault

So why the hubbub? Well, this right here proves that no matter what gun control law is put in place, even if the "Only Ones" are the only ones to own them, criminals will still get their hands on them - just like one did here, and they will still kill another person - just as they did here.

By waging this foolishness about holsters, the controllers grab a hold of the narrative, and keep the blame on the item, so that blame and responsibility are NOT pointed squarely at the individual criminal themselves. Remember, collectivists always have to start from the collectivist position and find a reason, any reason, to protect their collectivism, which must avoid individual person responsibility assigned.

It is not the holster, or the gun. It is the criminal. And only the criminal.

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