Saturday, August 6, 2016

Obama Believes that Shooting Someone is the Only Gun Crime.

Read that title again.  Then read what he just said as a justification for commuting the sentences of dozens and dozens of criminals in federal penitentiaries that used guns in aggravated felonies.

This week President Obama commuted the sentences of 214 violent felons serving hard time.

The total included no less than 56 that were in prison on charges that included violations of federal firearm laws.

To the President, when asked at a daily news conference, it all came down to whether they were using the firearms or not.

“There may have been a situation where a kid at 18, was a member of a gang, had a firearm, did not use it in the offense that he was charged in, there’s no evidence that he used it in any violent offense, it’s still a firearms charge– an enhancement– but he didn’t use it,” said Obama, “He’s now 48 or 38, 20 years later, and has an unblemished prison record, has gone back to school, got his GED, has gone through drug treatment, has the support of the original judge that presided, the support of the U.S. Attorney that charged him, support of the warden, has a family that loves him and in that situation, the fact that he had 20 years earlier an enhancement because he had firearm is different from a situation where he had an armed robbery and shot somebody.”
Now that you've read Obama's rationale for letting these thugs off the hook, why do you suppose he has such a strong a jones to keep good, honest, law abiding Americans from exercising their God-Given, and Constitution guaranteed, Right to Keep and Bear arms?

Why then are there any laws against merely possessing any firearm by anyone, anywhere, in the USA?

After all; isn't that what this phrase unambiguously says?

"the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed"

I know the answer:  Obama, along with Hillary and most of their Democrat sycophants don't believe it's the PERSON who's responsible for the crime, it's the GUN!  Either that or they are two-faced hypocritical elitist nazi jackasses.

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