Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Drive Sorta Near a School - Go Directly to Jail.

If you own a gun you have most likely violated federal law.

Yup. that's a fact, Jack

It is a violation of federal law for most people to posses, transport, or carry a firearm within 1000 feet of any public or private school, anywhere in the USA.

Try this on for size: Get a map of the city or town where you live and draw a circle that extends out 1000 feet in every direction around every College, University, High School, Middle School, Elementary School, Kindergarten, Pre-School, Nursery School, Parochial School, Day-Care, etc.

The "circle" won't actually be round since it must start at the very edge of the school grounds, including the play fields, ball fields, stadiums, parking lots, libraries, dormitories, maintenance shops, administrative offices, etc. Each and every school-related facility, both public and private must be encircled.

The result will be that the vast majority of the entire town will be an exclusion zone.  Any public place, parking lot, street, sidewalk, etc within this area will turn you and your hard-working, law abiding family, friends and neighbors into criminals.

Anyplace within the exclusion zone it against federal law to even drive your automobile on a public street, or walk on any sidewalk, if you have a firearm of any kind with you.

There is an exception in the law that allows you to have a firearm if you are licensed by the state to carry a gun, however, if you actually set foot onto any property owned by the school - even if you have a permission slip from the state, you may be in for a big surprise that includes handcuffs and a visit to jail.

Imagine this: If you take Great Grandpa's antique Civil War musket across the street to show your neighbor and you are less than three football fields away from junior's day-care, the US Marshalls may come and slap the cuffs on you.

A member of your family decides they want to go target shooting, or perhaps go hunting in the great outdoors.  Instantly, upon leaving your own driveway with a gun in the trunk of the car, you'll be transformed into a criminal if your home is within walking distance of any sort of school.  Be sure not to drive on any road, highway, or street that may take you within a 1/4 mile of any school in any direction - visible or not.

Or let's say you decide to buy a gun to keep in the house for protection. On your way back from the sporting goods store it is a violation of federal law to even leave the store if it is within three or four blocks of any sort of school grounds. Even if you find a merchant that is far enough away from a school, your trip home must be well planned to avoid driving on any street that takes you near a school zone. Not THROUGH a school zone, but within a thousand feet of any school facility of any kind whatsoever.

Here is a simple example - a map of San Francisco with the no-go zones.

Good luck with that.

Does this sound loony, or what?

Here - look at this link and see for yourself it is really the truth. You and your family have most likely either committed a crime or have aided and abetted wanton and reckless violations of this goofy Clinton-esque travesty.

Here is an interesting statistic for you to chew on:  Between 2009 and 2014,  92% of all public mass shootings took place in a gun free zone!

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