Thursday, November 17, 2016

Many Thanks to these "Celebrities" and semi-Celebrities

Did you notice that the word celebrities is in quotation marks?  According to the InterWebs, everyone in the list below is a famous person.  Most I've heard of myself, however those toward the bottom of the list must be famous for some reason that escapes my interests.  These folks are relegated to the category of semi-celebrites, or as some would say, soon to be has-beens . . .

My heartfelt thanks go out to them anyway.

Tens, if not hundreds, of thousands of disgusted Americans no doubt cast their votes for Donald Trump in the feeble hope that these lying progressive leeches would keep their word and leave the USA.

God help the country that suffers this indignation.

Soon to be ex-pat list:

Neve Campbell
Bryan Cranston
Miley Cyrus
Lena Dunham
Lady GaGa
Ruth Bader Ginsburg
Whoopi Goldberg
Chelsea Handler
Samuel L. Jackson
Keegan-Michael Key
Spike Lee
George Lopez
Amber Rose
Amy Schumer
Al Sharpton
George Stephanopoulous
Jon Stewart
Barbra Streisand
Barry Diller
Natasha Lyonne
Eddie Griffin
Omari Hardwick
Chloë Sevigny

On second thought, calling them ex-pats is an insult to patriots, therefore from now on lets just refer to them as welchers.

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