Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Maniac Robot Guns - Press Bias Beyond Belief

Holy Propaganda Batman!

This morning several of the nation's far far away left-wing media outlets spewed some rancid anti-constitutional propaganda placing the blame for murder and mayhem, not on the murderers and mayhem-ers but on an inanimate object.

Geez Louise!  Look at these headlines:

Gun used to shoot Alaska police officer connected to five Anchorage homicides 

Cop Shooter’s Gun Linked to 5 Unsolved Homicides

From these Headlines the New York Daily News and People Magazine would have us believe that a .38 revolver is on the loose running amok shooting people all by itself. What are they thinking anyway . . . a maniac robot-gun is wandering the streets in search of victims?

Hello! - McFly!

What about the psycho killer that was actually doing the shooting and murdering?
How come the actual serial killing scumbag isn't getting top-billing?

And how come this lifetime career criminal was on the loose in the first place, since according to the cops this scumbag had a long long history of drug dealing, DWI, burglary, assault, breaking and entering, etc, ad-naseum?



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